When it comes to designs, much like children, an artist really shouldn’t play favourites. That said, my Trio of Elephants design is right up there! It’s a piece of art that lights me up each time I see it. Why? Because I designed it as a reflection of my family- myself and my two beautiful daughters.

My younger daughter recently turned 21, and we celebrated that milestone with a party (of course) as well as a trip to Bali. There’s nothing like a child’s milestone, paired with lots of time on a sun lounger by a pool, to conjure up reflection.

When my younger daughter was three, we adopted Shimba, a six week old African elephant through the incredible David Sheldrick Foundation. Once my daughters moved past their concern about fitting Shimba into our backyard, they loved receiving the regular photos and emails on his progress, adventures and antics.

I’ve always been enamoured with and fascinated by elephants. I’m not alone; elephants are seen as a holy animal in many cultures. Elephants symbolise good luck, happiness and longevity, as well as success and adventure, beauty and dignity, strength and power. They represent the unity of family, they celebrate past and future generations and feature in stories throughout history because of the symbolism behind their large presence and quiet strength.

Around five years ago, we received the awful news that Shimba had passed away. Despite never actually ‘meeting’ Shimba, the girls and I were terribly saddened by his loss, and so my Chevron- Trio of Elephants came to life, both to represent the unity of my daughters and I, but also as a way to commemorate Shimba. It remains one of my best sellers and one of the most requested designs, alongside my signature piece,  my lotus flower. This beautiful design means so much to me and I’m thrilled that all these years later, it’s become a beloved piece of art in homes across Australia.

I love that my Chevron- Trio of Elephants is often used by interior designers in baby’s rooms as part the ‘and baby makes three’ theme. Elephants have so much wisdom to offer mothers. An elephant’s size means it could dominate and destroy, but their nature is of confidence, peace and calm. Elephants protect the young whilst respecting the loyalty and love of their elders. I originally designed Chevron- Trio of Elephants to commemorate Shimba and to symbolise my family but also to remind myself to embrace the spirit of these magnificent creatures whilst raising my then teenage daughters, as well as caring for my parents (the past and the future). The beautiful art on my wall of these creatures with their large, dominant ears reminded me to listen much more than I spoke, an invaluable skill for the mother of teenage daughters!

Elephant imagery is said to invite the good into your home and protect against negativity, which is why many homes in Eastern cultures have elephant wall art or sculptures in entries and foyers. Even if you’re not superstitious, a visual representation of family is a beautiful feature for your home. You can have your own Chevron-Trio of Elephants by purchasing our tactile wall art in our shop.