Unique, fun and creative team building experiences
Join the team from Bella Artista for a fun and inspiring workshop that will bring a unique sense of creativity and energy to your workplace, and leave your staff feeling inspired, happy and relaxed.

You can come to us at Bay St (Brighton) or Waterman’s Business Centre (Chadstone) or we can come to you!

Join us at our new design studio space at 239 Bay St Brighton.

Corporate Workshops

Working with colleagues is an inspiring and motivating way to reconnect with imagination and to experience a new way of thinking, one that benefits the whole team, including those team members who feel they don’t have even a hint of a spark of creativity!

Deadlines, competing priorities and just day to day working life can have an impact on peoples’ stress levels and work performance. Art, however, and the act of creating art, is relaxing and rewarding, an effective way to relieve stress, leaving people feeling mentally clear and calm. It provides a distraction, giving the brain a reprieve.  Add a beautiful fruit platter, BellaArtista’s unique ice breaking activities and the experience of creating art, and your team is set for a wonderful team bonding experience.

Our Workshop Packages are suitable for all ages and artistic ability- or perceived lack thereof. We supply all the necessary equipment and materials, including an extensive list of resin pigment colours for people to make art that is truly their own.

For more information or to book an workshop, please call 03 9004 2005 or 0409 3681 996 or email info@bellaartista.com.au

The perfect system to inspire support and develop team dynamics. 

BellaArtista Corporate Workshops are presented by Angela Sorpreso, Founding Director and Principal Artist, Bellaartista Design. Angela worked in the corporate sector for over fifteen years, managing a team of nineteen, and has a comprehensive understanding of the value of corporate team building workshops, having experienced many positive, inspiring team bonding sessions with her team.

Corporate Collaborators We Work Alongside

To deliver exceptional corporate workshop experiences suitable for all ages and artistic ability that your team will find rewarding, relaxing and rejuvenating.

Do Better. Be Better. Feel Better.

Bellaartista together with GLAS are working together to bring a new class of team building to your work space.  GLAS is a system that will help with team building, marketing strategies, problem solving, communications, and overcoming tensions within the team, leading to improved engagement, connection and proactive action through your team.

The perfect system to inspire support and develop team dynamics. 

Bella Artista, in collaboration with Inner Creative, can offer your team a unique creative resin art workshop paired with a business-focused LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® experience.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) is a powerful tool that helps people tap into their creativity to discover new perspectives and share ideas. It is also a fun and engaging method to get everyone participating, while creating tangible and meaningful results. LSP’s format is especially good for visual thinkers or people who like to get ‘hands on’ when problem solving.

Workshop participants are guided through a process to build their own unique LEGO® model in response to a business-related question or topic. They then use their model to express their insights with their team, which are consequently collated into a group summary or suggested list of recommendations.

LSP is the perfect complement to the creative art workshop. Participants transition into the LEGO® experience after starting their artwork, already feeling energised and collaborative. Their creative thinking is primed to deeply engage and explore a pre-selected workplace topic using LEGO®.

Even if you don’t think you are particularly ‘arty’, I highly recommend you book in for Angela’s creative resin 3d art workshops for a half day interactive session, to block out the ‘white noise’ and submerge yourself in a fabulously creative experience.

Loved Angela’s style of presenting and tutoring, every detail had been thought of to get the creative juices flowing from fabulous venue, workstation setup, step by step instructions, and who doesn’t love home cooked Italian catering, felt totally nurtured and nourished from the get go!  Ideal for small groups to Corporate team building…
Jo Grist

“In my corporate days I wish I had been able to bring my team to such an interactive and creative workshop.  I can see how they would have enjoyed it.  It would have been great for team building and also personal satisfaction when they walked away with their own masterpieces.”

Debbie Hatswell

Corporate Art for Purchase

Bellaartista has a beautiful range of art for purchase, perfect for corporate spaces including reception, Boardroom, meeting rooms and open work spaces.

Distinct and unique, our pieces inspire conversation, creativity and thinking differently-

For more information about purchasing our artwork to enhance your workplace, or to explore a corporate workshop, please contact us