Traditionally, a marriage’s 10 year anniversary is marked with a diamond. It represents the durability, longevity and love needed for ten years of a union. Ten years ago, our Founder and Lead Designer Angela Sorpreso commenced a new engagement herself- that of artist/owner of a little business called BellaArtista Designs.

A message from Angela

A decade in business is certainly something worth celebrating. Given the fact that the vast majority of businesses fail within the first two years of operation, I’m incredibly proud that I’ve created a business that continues to thrive.

Ten years ago, I completed my Fine Arts degree as a mature age student and mother of two teenage girls. Combining my passion for art with a career was my dream come true, especially after two decades (twenty years!) in the corporate financial sector, which, unsurprising, never felt like a true fit for me. From the start, my business vision was to create unique, beautiful 3D tactile wall art to transform people’s homes and workplaces. A decade later, and my art is now in baby rooms and dentistry clinics, in aged care facilities and in living rooms, in boardrooms and in kitchens. People from all backgrounds and industries have come along to my workshops and my business has actively supported charities including Pink Hope Australia, Pink Lady and Cancer Council Australia as well as countless community fairs, silent auctions and fetes.

With any milestone comes reflection, and my business’ 10 year anniversary is no exception. I had big goals and dreams for BellaArtista when I launched. As I look back at how far BellaArtista (and myself by default) has come I feel such joy and fulfilment, professionally and personally. Alongside joy comes gratitude, which I honestly believe is a key factor to BellaArtista’s success.  My artwork is highly sought after by industry and the general public alike, and my workshops give people the opportunity to flex their creativity muscles that they ordinarily would not have had. More than anything, I’m proud of the network of incredible people my business has given me access to and the connection it has facilitated.

Connection is one of my core values. I believe that art connects us in a way that is quite unique, and connection and collaboration is one of the building blocks of my business. My pieces have featured in corporate gift programs across Australia and in 2020, as we launch into a new year and a new decade, I’m thrilled to be continuing to collaborate with other clever, genuinely lovely women in business. One particular collaboration that I find wonderfully exciting is with my friend and colleague Cassy from Flowers by Cassy and Flowers for Jane where my pieces will be included in hampers with her beautiful floral creations. What could be lovelier than art and flowers?

In 2020, the BellaArtista studio will be moving to a new home in the beautiful bayside suburb of Brighton in Melbourne. This will be the perfect setting for the team at BellaArtista to get together to plot out our next 10 years. This is where ordinarily I would invite readers of my blog to explore my individual pieces of art, or to come along to one of my workshops. Instead, as I celebrate my business’ 10th anniversary, I’d like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you for being part of my journey and to wish you all the joy of the upcoming festive season.

Love, Angela