What is tactile art?

Sensoryto touch – touchy feel art.  3-Dimensional art has height, width, and depth, like any object in the real world.

Example: your body is threedimensional. Also, known as “3D”.

What is resin art?

A simple answer is it made up of powders and colour pigments that are mixed together to create an explosion of colour. If you have never played with resin before you will absolutely love this, as it so much fun to play with. The results are amazing especially when working with 3D designs. Follow our Facebook page and read the reviews from our happy participants.

Can the 3D designs be used for acoustic applications for walls & ceilings?
Our creative designs and canvas durability will certainly assist in capturing sound waves to generate an acoustic sound proofing barrier. At the same time you can create an ambiance to the wall space for which you are wanting to make a “WOW’ statement, bringing walls and ceilings to life with tactile and spectacular 3d designs.
How do I hang the art?
The art is supplied with high quality seamless D hanger hooks. Simply place your art on a strong hook and allow everyone to admire your new piece of art.
How is the art transported?
All our 3d art is made using durable and strong resins and is wrapped extremely carefully to ensure a safe journey when in transit. All designs are covered by transport insurance.
Where is the 3D inspirational art made?
The art is customised in our Melbourne studios.
Can the 3D art be placed in bathrooms and outside?
All our Art is treated with anti-fungal agents, therefore ensuring its suitability for all bathroom’s and under pergolas or alfresco covered areas. The polymers that our designs are made from all have anti fungal agents incorporated in the fibres, therefore ensuring the design can be placed direct in the elements either on cement sheeting around pools or other materials suitable for external use.Our solid Dulux paints have inbuilt sun barrier agents and therefore are suitable for direct applications externally.
What materials are the 3D designs made from?
All our designs are custom made from various mediums and polymers. They are all adhered using a combination of mixed agents to canvas boards and marine grade wood. With the blend of modern art and technology we are able to create and deliver intriguing 3d designs to our clients with the benefit of diverse colours and tones.
How long will my order take to be ready?
As each piece is individually custom made, it may depend on the project and the client’s requirements. All the precise details will be discussed with the clients. As a guide approximately 3-4 weeks.
Can I order my 3D art in a different colour?
Yes, as all pieces are custom made you can choose any colour and tone to suit your requirement whether it is for residential or commercial project.
Can you colour match a Dulux colour palette or similar?

Yes, we can colour match any colour tones as required for customer made designs.

Can you send me colour sample?

Yes, we can. We can mail a colour swatch or colour tile design.

What sizes do your designs come in?

They can be made to any size backing board, depending on the style that you love or that your client would love-

All shadow boxes come in one size 500x500mm or 400x400mm

Black or white custom shadow boxes

All other designs are listed on our online store any specific custom made designs will be quoted accordingly.

Can I design my own size canvas?
Absolutely,our 3d designs can be made as small or big as you require. There are many canvas options available,we use Italian and Belgian linen and cottons fibres,all the stretches are made from quality cedar and hardwood materials.
What backing boards do you use?

We have available multiple backing materials that adhere to our unique design e.g. custom made canvas hardwood boards, birch plywood, marine grade wood and Alucobond/Dibond.  Our new design are made of custom made moulding, Italian pine frame with acid free matting, encased in clear glass/ Perspex.

Can I buy direct from Bella Artista?

You can buy direct from us either via the online store, or you can contact us for a custom made quote of any of our decorative panel art designs.

Shipping, courier & refund policies

Australia Post cars and vans are used to deliver all our products either by local vans or interstate mail services.  In the unlikely event that your art has been damaged during transportation, contact us immediately and  the problem will be rectified. Please ensure your art is opened and checked within 24 hours of delivery. Once orders are placed & delivered there is a NO REFUND policy.

Do you offer me as an interior designer wholesale prices/designer discount fees?

We are happy to offer you a 10% discount for your services to your client.

Will you give interior designers a piece on consignment?

Happy to for a short period with a safety holding deposit and document signed for security.

Are you designs suited for office spaces?

Absolutely, they are suited for all interior spaces looking for style and unique wall art that is not a wall print.

Where can we see your work?

At our showroom in Sunshine West.