There’s an expression- if you want something done, ask a busy woman. We all know that time is fleeting, that downtime is a rarity and that our day-to-day lives don’t allow a lot of white space. Here at BellaArtista, we believe that carving out time for creativity isn’t an indulgence; rather it’s essential for long term health and wellbeing, and will enhance productivity like nothing much else.


You only have to flick through a magazine or scroll through Instagram to see that meditation and mindfulness is a process valued by entrepreneurs and creatives alike.  Making art and being creative is very similar to meditation in terms of the health benefits that naturally result. Research shows that people who regularly create art experience decreases in stress, negative emotions and anxiety, alongside improved medical outcomes.

There are four main benefits to being creative:

  • Creating art is stress-relieving
  • Creating art renews and nurtures the Central Nervous System
  • Being creative improves mood via a similar chemical reaction as exercising
  • Creative activities enhance lives socially.

We witness these effects time and time again at our workshops, and our attendee feedback certainly reflect this sense of relaxation, calm and rejuvenation. When people explore their creative side in an environment that’s fun, encouraging and nurturing across all levels, people feel nourished and rejuvenated. Why? Put simply, creating is a chance to do something just for you, and is a way to block out the white noise of life.

Being creative is a way to let go of perfectionism. There’s a definite unknown at the beginning of creating art which enhances problem solving, perspective, non-linear thinking and of course trusting in the process. Resin art mixes hues together, and it’s not easy to visualise the end result from a tube of colour, so the unveiling of the piece once cured is always something special with an element of surprise.

There’s a significant vulnerability that often arises- particularly for those who consider themselves ‘not-arty’ or creative. That’s where our workshops come into their own- participants are guided through the process. As colours mix and blend, the artwork reveals itself to be something that may not have been imagined, but is something so incredibly beautiful that people can’t wait to hang it on their walls to enjoy every day.

It’s easy to spread yourself too thin, and to leave little time and energy for anything other than the basics of life- working, making sure loved ones are fed, watered and nurtured, getting everyone from a to b. In a crammed-pack schedule, it’s difficult to explore your own interests, let alone develop new or neglected interests. One of our workshop attendees recently, a busy working mother, hadn’t done anything remotely ‘arty’ other than set up her childrens’ artwork activities for close to thirty years!

Her response to our workshop was just wonderful to witness; she visibly relaxed into the activity. She contacted us post-workshop to describe the fabulous energy boost she experienced having attended: ‘It gave me time and space to actually hear myself think.’

Art is an activity that forces you to slow down, be completely present and acknowledge beauty for beauty’s sake. Nothing beats immersing yourself in an experience that requires nothing of you but focus. Creating art should be playful, fun and full of joy. BellaArtista resin art workshops meet that brief beautifully. See for yourself! Find out more by booking your place here.