Colour is a language and like many others is a fabulous way to communicate. We love working with interior designers who embrace colour as part of their design philosophy- colour paired with the drama of our tactile wall art designs can dramatically transform a space.

Do you remember the colour wheel from school? We all know some basics about colour: there are primary and secondary colours, and that colours have a temperature (either warm or cool). Did you know that colours also have characters and behaviours that interior designers and decorators utilise to convey a desired feel or emotion in a room?

The colours you encounter in your daily life can have an indisputable impact on your mood and your emotions. They can be over-stimulating as well as under-stimulating. The power of colour is something to be admired, and it’s something artists and of course interior designers and decorators have long understood. An awareness of colour on your mood is really quite illuminating.

Colour influences the atmosphere and ambiance of a space and creates a discrete yet insistent signal. A bedroom needs to be calming and restful, and your bathroom to be a peaceful sanctuary. However, your kitchen and your living room, the place where your family comes together, where you entertain friends and family, where life happens, is a space that can benefit with a sense of energy and vibrance.

We know that individual colours have the same or similar response in everyone. Reds and yellows are experienced as warm, active, youthful and invigorating. Blues and greens, particularly on the lighter scale of the colour wheel, offer calmness, tranquility, relaxation, which is why they often feature in medical health and wellness settings.

Focused colour can transform a home from uninviting to warm and cheerful. It can make a small space feel larger, and help delineate a large space to make it feel cosier and more inviting. It can distract from the less attractive features of a space and highlight the good points.

Colour is so incredibly versatile and can be used to achieve many different effects and impressions. It has the capacity to alter the way we feel and the way we perform. It evokes a specific feel and emotion such as peace, excitement, efficiency, passion, comfort, welcome, nurture, seriousness and productivity. Our interior designer clients tell us that many people shy away from colour, opting instead for a relatively neutral canvas. You don’t need a full feature wall in dark purple to create a sense of drama in a formal living room. Rather, some strategically placed (and sized) elements of colour will have a similar impact.

More than anything, colour is fun! In our creative art workshops we encourage people to experiment with colour and explore unusual colour combinations. We simply love seeing our monochrome or metallic pieces paired with a bright colour scheme by an interior stylist. That said, our beautiful 3D wall art isn’t just for designers- get your own on our store right here.