Creating resin art is an expression of alchemy. It’s an unfolding experience of magic as you mix hues to create art that not only looks beautiful, but engages all of the senses.

Basically, it’s a chemical reaction that creates art, and what could be cooler than that?

Our founder, Angela Sorpreso, lives and breathes visual arts. She left her corporate financial services career to undertake visual art studies at university, and fell in love with the medium of resin art. Angela’s resin wall art is highly sought after by interior designers and architects for a range of domestic and commercial projects, and she shares her passion for resin art at her creative art workshops. Why? Because the process of creating resin art is so incredibly magical, something Angela wants everyone to experience!

It’s extremely difficult to visualise an end result of a project from holding a colour tube, and so the process of creating art is an exercise in letting go. The exact final result is out of your control, and so there can be no such thing as perfection. You may have an idea and a sense of the end result, but as you play with colour- and play is indeed the correct word to describe the process- you have to wait to see the amazing results that arise from the mixing of mediums and colours. The techniques of creating with the powders and pigments is liberating in the inexactness, and yet empowering at the same time.

The process involves selecting a design from BellaArtista’s extensive range of beautiful template casts. This in itself is part of the thrill of the experience, as the templates, all designed by Angela, were created in 2d to become the casts for 3d resin art.  After the choosing the perfect design, next comes selecting colour preferences. And now for the magic, the alchemy and the fun- creating the resin mix. As you frantically mix, feeling the mixing cup heat beneath your hands as you stir, it’s like creating a magic potion.

As the artist pours the mix into the template cast to cure, the play with colours is unpredictable and the tones represent an experiment of colour. The unveiling of the piece never fails to deliver that element of surprise and delight.

The process is immersive and calming. It requires focus and attention. Time and time again, our workshop artists tell us that the result of their time spent being creative is a sense of emotional wellbeing and calm. In fact, studies show that creativity improves mood via a chemical reaction similar to that which is released by exercise. The end result is a beautiful feature for your home or workspace, one that uplifts and engages, prolonging those magical, alchemic effects long after the resin has poured.

Would you like to experience the special alchemy of resin art for yourself? BellaArtista resin art workshops meet that brief beautifully. Book your place at our next workshop here.