Welcome to our post on Feng Shui – Thank you for your feedback and the number of followers enjoying our articles. In reference to Feng Shui principles and beliefs we can apply these elements not just in our homes but also in our workplaces and our businesses to help attract positive energies, harmony and good health and fortune.

Entrance: The energy of your business is apparent before customers even decide to enter. Aim to create a strong and uncluttered flow of energy to your front entrance with clear signage, well-lit and fresh window displays, and appropriate colours. Ensure that the front door opens easily and if you have window displays, rearrange or change regularly.

Reception: Once customers are inside, the reception desk or counter should be easily seen but not too close or directly opposite the door. The reception desk  is best placed in the “commanding position”, which is usually diagonally opposite the entrance. Make sure you have good quality air, good lighting with several levels of lighting, good (not loud) music, and wonderful scents.

Focal Points:  Have a main focal point, but allow the customer to also have some other areas of different energies to explore.  People often buy based on emotion, so make their experience a pleasant one, and they will want to come back. For larger areas, the reception area of a hotel, for example, good clean air circulation is important so fans, potted plants, and water features like a fountain, are all beneficial. Light is also important so chandeliers are great and mirrors also beneficial but should be positioned to the side, not directly opposite the door. Aquariums are a popular feature in China as fish are believed to symbolize wealth, but they can also be used to create an atmosphere of calmness.

Art works: Can also be used as focal points and add interest, colour and beauty. Using feng shui in various forms of art is a great way to activate the elements (see Part 2 of the newsletter) and enhance the chi energies of different areas of your business or in your home. Apart from feng shui principles, always select art works that attract you and bring you joy each time you look at them. Please see our website for examples of our own artworks.

We have some fantastic articles in store for our followers in our upcoming newsletters. Look out for our 3 part look at different interior design styles, next month we will focus on “Indoor/outdoor” style for domestic and commercial spaces.



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