Welcome to part 2 of our journey into Feng Shui – The five elements that are fundamental to Feng Shui (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) need to be represented in a space and in the right amount. Each one of these elements has a unique quality of energy. They are the essential components, or tools that help us to create positive and lively energy in any space.

Wood: This energy is associated with growth, abundance, vision, stability and survival. It is happy and grounded. Bring it in when you need to move forward, to boost your energy or when you want to support your health or bring in the energy of abundance. Colours are: green and brown. Shapes are rectangular. Items include: attractive healthy plants.

Fire:  The energy of the sun, celebrations, and success. It also brings in passion, desire and romance. Whilst every space needs some fire energy, be careful when decorating with this element or you may find there is conflict and anger. Use when you need creativity, are feeling cold or isolated, or weak.Colours are: red, purple, orange, strong yellow, magenta and pink. Shapes are: triangular and star shapes. Items include: candles, a log fireplace.

Earth: A must have for the home and office. Stability, sustenance and a solid foundation are associated with this strong and nurturing element.  A strong earth element in your space will bring you back to your own centre, calm and reassure you. A good element for the bedroom, especially when combined with a bit of fire element!  Colours are: beige, sand, taupe. Shapes: square.  Items include: landscape images, crystals, pottery.

Metal: Thought to be associated with purity, precision, brightness, self-control and clarity. Also one element best not to overuse or the space may feel cold, clinical and uninviting. Bring in if you feel sluggish or unmotivated, or overwhelmed.Colour: White and grey. Shapes: round. Items include: décor items with metallic finishes.

Water: Considered to be restoring and life giving. A powerful element that can heal and also destroy. We all need water to survive and it is essential in your home or office. Use it to bring in tranquillity, to rejuvenate your space, and to encourage abundance. Colours: Blue and black. Shapes: flowing. Itemsinclude: images of water, mirrors.



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