Tactile wall art offers an innovative and unexpected lift to an interior space. We work with interior designers across Australia to provide that lift by creating pieces that are the perfect finishing touch to their projects. We recently spoke with some of our clients about the impact our 3D wall art has on their design projects.

Art is a valuable asset which adds interest, pattern and feeling to a space. It’s also very easy to get wrong. Mistakes can be expensive, which is why we love working with interior designers to help them resolve their interiors dilemmas.

By nature, interior designers are creative and appreciative of beauty and of quality- as are we- and we love being their go-to resource for their projects. The interior designers we work with have portfolios that include private residences and apartments as well as commercial spaces such as boardrooms and luxury hotels. Increasingly, our art is being featured in medical, health and wellness spaces. The artwork is decadent and evocative, yet calming and soothing, especially our abstract pieces. These encourage the eye to follow patterns and textures through the design, almost like a visual meditation. Our work is not just beautiful to look at but is multi-sensory unlike any other wall art.

Finding the right art for a room is transformative and sets the tone of the space against the purpose, which is why our pieces are so popular with our interior designer clients. In medical reception spaces they evoke serenity and calm, in boardrooms they evoke creativity and critical thinking and in bedrooms they offer a sense of sanctuary and rest. They add the finishing touch to a room, one that inspires sparks of interest to make it unforgettable.

Tactile wall art adds depth to a space. The texture grounds the art within the interior to guide the room’s feel. They add a multi-faceted element to the space, a stimulating experience of texture and colour that engages with the room around it.

One of the overarching principles of design is to create a specific focal point within each space. Interior designers are always alert to emerging trends. At recent design expos, 3d wallpaper and paint finishes were prominent, yet our clients are reluctant to embrace a full 3d wall as their focal point. Rather, our art creates that essential focal point by immediately drawing the eye. They are unapologetically statement pieces that take an interior to another dimension- quite literally!

BellaArtista tactile wall art is perfect for people looking for that little bit extra. The clients we work with, some of Australia’s leading interior experts, tell us that as well as being aesthetically dynamic and unique, the fact that our pieces are hand made with love, right here in Melbourne, make our art their obvious choice. We simply love it when we see our art in incredibly beautiful spaces. Of course, our art isn’t just available to interior designers- shop for your own piece of beautiful, 3d art right here