Part 1 introduces our readers to the design style known as “indoor outdoor”. This flair has become popular in Australia and is not only being incorporated into contemporary homes being constructed but is also a popular project for renovations. The indoor/outdoor style is all about blurring the boundaries between the inside and the outside of our homes, between formal and casual.  It is about extending and changing the spaces we currently live and entertain in, making them more versatile and more engaging to the senses.  This style celebrates the seasons and the “great outdoors” that Australians so love.  

What are some of the benefits and why should we embrace this style?

  • To increase the value of homes
  • To help make the best possible use of limited outdoor spaces
  • To increase and improve entertaining areas, wowing guests
  • For many health reasons and to encourage everyone to go outdoors and be more active!
  • It will provide a safe place for children to play and it will be easier for keep an eye on them to help family members spend more time with each other and reconnect
  • Being closer to nature and enjoying the elements, will have an uplifting and beneficial effect upon our mood and spirit.

So let’s celebrate and embrace our outdoors, and the indoor outdoor style.  Regardless of how far you take the concept, it is essential to have a seamless integration of the outdoors aspect into the home so that it all “flows”.

In parts 2 and 3 of our newsletter we will look at how to achieve this and some design and decoration tips to help you create that wonderful “indoor/outdoor” experience for your family and guests.
Please visit our site to reconnect with some of our 3D designs suitable for all you indoor/outdoor projects that will assit in creating a focal point of interest for everyone.


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