Remembering your lost ones is a challenging process. We look at photos and remember their faces, but sometimes digital images are just not enough, we want something physical.

Pouring your own emotions into creating something physical, with your own hands, can be a healing process. It also creates a visual reminder of your loved one to be part of your living space. Something to reflect upon and be part of your special person.

Bella Artista are partnering with Antonella from U Matter Dad to create a very special event. One of healing and remembering your lost loved ones.

Antonella will provide guidance for channeling your grief and emotions into your creative pursuit whilst Angela will assist you in creating a visual design that will capture your feelings for a lifetime.

Promising to be healing, heartwarming and fun at the same time. Come along and share this special experience with your partner, a friend or sibling.


About the Facilitators:

Antonella Alessi – 
Drawing on my years of experience as a therapist and background in childhood development and parenting, I wanted to create a safe space where fathers feel supported through their individual process. I am passionate about opening the lines of communication around this topic for my clients. To help them through the common thought processes, revolve issues around failing, working together setting realistic goals rather than focusing on their grief which creates a disconnection from their relationship.

Angela Sorpreso –
I create tactile (3D) designs that bring feature walls to life with contemporary and spiritual/healing unique designs, that can succinctly express what their premises or business is all about, whilst reflecting what inspires the client personally.

One of my innate gifts as a facilitator is being able to unleash imagination and bring individuals into a deeper level of creativity. It is absolutely invigorating to see the eyes of the individuals in my workshops light up with enthusiasm helping them release that chemical reaction similar to that which is released by exercise reducing stress and anxiety and increasing self-esteem. The end result is a beautiful feature for their home or workspace, one that uplifts and engages, prolonging those magical, alchemic effects long after the resin has poured.